Meal Plans

You’ve got a grueling schedule, balancing the demands of school, work and home. In addition, time is short, energy and funds are low and the cost of eating out is high. Even so, you still have to eat!

Resident Meal Plans

19 Meals / Week


16 Meals / Week


Residents can use up to 3 meal swipes per day.
Meals reload every Sunday and do not roll over to the next week.

Commuter Meal Plans

25 Meal Block


50 Meal Block


Meal Blocks do not expire during the semester and additional blocks may be added at any time.
Additional commuter meals do not roll over into following semesters.

Flex Dollars

Are you looking for just a snack? Don’t waste a full meal, buy it with Flex

For every $100 added to your account you receive $10 as a bonus!

Flex dollars are nonrefundable. Flex dollars are not transferable to another account and can only be used on food items

For dining restrictions, questions, or concerns feel free to contact Chef Joe at:
[email protected]


Weekly Menu

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*The menu will not display properly if using Internet Explorer. We recommend using Google Chrome to view it accurately.